London Map 2012 is your iPhone app for the Olympic Games and beyond!

About the iPhone App

Map of London with GPS - Completely OFFLINE, so does not consume your data roaming. Special Olympic Edition packed with features!!!

New in the latest version!!! - London's Best Restaurants(Michelin Starred) added to POI's.

  • Search on Cuisine - like Indian, Italian, French, Innovative, Modern etc.
  • Locate the restaurant on the map
  • See Restaurant details  

Add Olympic event schedule to your phone's Calendar

    • Add schedule for your favorite sport to your phone's Calendar
    • Choose what sport to add
    • Calendar entry added for your local time zone
    • Option to add with or without a reminder so you will not miss any action on live TV 
Routes of free events like Marathon and Road Cycling added.


Other Features

    • Maps are Completely Offline
    • Includes location tracker 
    • Search Places using Sport name, Venue or Railway Station name to get all the games venues nearby
    • Covers a very large area in London, including Wembley, Greenwich and Hampton.
    • All games venues in London and Railway stations marked
    • Includes details of Venues with directions on how to get there
    • Includes tube map of London
    • Driving mode setting, for touch-less operation during driving.
    • Facebook and Twitter integration(requires internet)


Customer Reviews

"Perfect app for users looking to save up on data roaming charges, as you can use the map without internet. " -Maria - Spain

"I love the fact that I can add event schedules to my Calendar for my time zone and with a reminder, I can now catch the TV action at the right time" - Sam - USA

"Must-have app if you are visiting London for the games" - Thomas - UK

"Ability to search on sports name and get the venues for the sports is useful for me" -- Kharris- London

"This app has Restaurants - what else do you need :)" - Bob, UK

 Banner Image Credit: Dimitry. B Flickr - CC-BY 2.0

Credits for the app:

Maps - Openstreetmaps Contributors CC-BY-SA

Icons: Map Icons Collection

Images: FlickrĀ® Contributors(individual credits given in the app)

Please note: This app or website is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with the official London 2012 Olympics Organizing Committee in any way.


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